RB505 - 6.5" Outdoor Bluetooth 5.0 In-Ground Rock Speaker(Pair)

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The RB505 is part of TIC's new Bluetooth 5.0 family of multi-speaker audio solutions. Compared to Bluetooth 4, our new Bluetooth 5.0 chipset offers a significant range improvement, up to 4x the distance (vs. 4.0) and increased audio quality due to speed & bandwidth enhancements. Best of all, you can easily connect up to 100 compatible TIC Bluetooth 5 devices to create a massive multi-speaker sound system.

  • Single active omnidirectional in-ground speaker
  • Built-in 2*50W power amplifier
  • Satellite speaker included
  • Powerful coaxial 2-way speaker design (6.5" woofer and 2" tweeter)
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Wireless distance up to 300 feet*
  • Can connect and play in sync with up to 100+ compatible TIC Bluetooth 5 devices 
  • 180° directional sound
  • In-ground or surface-mount installation
  • Best-in-class weather and impact-resistant exterior design
  • 30-ft waterproof, bury-ready power supply
  • Bluetooth wireless input only (no wired input)
  • Included accessories: remote control and power supply
  • Dimension: 14" w x 15" l x 16.25" h
  • Bluetooth family: B503 ,B526 ,B515 ,BPS560 ,BPS565,RB506,RB505 .New designs will be coming soon. All these items can be paired together, up to 100 pieces.

* Bluetooth 5's maximum range of 300 feet can be achieved with clear line-of-sight in outdoor settings. Wireless range will decrease in settings with walls and devices with signal interference. In addition, Bluetooth 5 is backward compatible with all older Bluetooth devices but the wireless connection range will be limited to the range specification of the older Bluetooth device. The connection range between a TIC's Bluetooth 5 device and a Bluetooth 4 device is typically between 20-50 feet. However, using an older Bluetooth device does not impact the connection range among speakers in a multi-speaker system.