Wi-Fi Speakers

TIC's latest Wi-Fi enabled patio speakers offer an easy-to-install outdoor audio solutions that utilize the convenience of wireless music streaming. Combining our long history of durable weather-resistant design and modern convenience of our multi-room streaming platform (WifiStream), our WPS speakers are one of the best wireless audio speakers you can find anywhere.

AirPlay 1 speakers: WPS5 ,WPS6,WB8

App for AirPlay1:muzo player. It requests all the speakers should be within 20 feet from the router. AirPlay 1 cannot sync with AirPlay 2 Speakers.

AirPlay2 speakers : WBP10,WB3,WB6

App for AirPlay2:muzo pod. All the airplay 2 can sync any speakers with AirPlay2 functions by AirPlay. Can easy setup, even 50feet from Router. 

Note: If you have trouble connecting the speakers to Wi-Fi, please try the new app: muzo player. Please make sure all the devices should be within 20 feet from router. All the Wi-Fi speakers work with the apple device by AirPlay. Android devices might have trouble streaming music.