PB580 Bluetooth 5.0 Mesh Transmitter and Receiver

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 The PB580 is part of TIC's new Bluetooth 5.0 family of multi-speaker audio solutions. Compared to Bluetooth 4, our new Bluetooth 5 chipset offers a significant range improvement of up to 4x the distance (vs. 4.0) and increased audio quality due to speed & bandwidth enhancements. Best of all, you can easily connect up to 100 compatible TIC Bluetooth 5 devices to create a massive multi-speaker sound system.

  • Transmitter and Receiver
  • Can be added to any regular Class D or Commercial Amplifier or used solo as TIC bluetooth5.0 Mesh Transmitter.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 mesh
  • Wireless distance up to 300 feet
  • Can connect and play in sync with up to 100+ compatible TIC Bluetooth 5 devices 
  • Included accessories: remote control and power supply
  • Dimension: 4.3" w x 4.2" l x 2.1" h
  • Bluetooth family: Bluetooth5.0 Speakers: B503,B526,B515,BPS560, BPS565,RB506,RB505, Bluetooth Amplifiers IWB501&TRB502  and Bluetooth5.0 transmitter and receiver PB580. All these items can be paired together up to 100 pieces.

TIC PB580 Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver-Transmitter adds convenient wireless Bluetooth and multi-room capability to two existing audio amplifiers/receivers.


 Screw in the provided antenna on the back panel. Connect up to two existing audio amplifiers/receivers/devices via RCA cables (not included) in the back panel. Depending on the input option on your device, you may use RCA-to-RCA cable or RCA-to-3.5mm cable.


 Connect your smartphone/tablet/Bluetooth device to PB580 by double-clicking BT button on the front panel. Upon seeing the blue BT indicator flashing, choose “TIC BT SPEAKER” from your device’s Bluetooth setting menu. Once connected, the blue BT indicator will be solid and stop flashing.


 You can connect to other compatible TIC Bluetooth 5.0 devices to create a multi-device network. Press TX button to initiate transmitter mode. Within 30 seconds, press RX button on a compatible device to initiate receiver mode. Compatible devices within range will automatically connect.