AMP44 2-Zone 4-Channel 4*100W AMPLIFIER w/Independent Inputs& Bass & Treble Control

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1.  Special designed Class D 4*100w Amplifier w/independent Bass &Treble control

2.  2 independent inputs, can also be combined with audio in and out to one input

3.  2 independent Zones and 4 Channels with its own Volume, Bass and Treble control

4. Can add WBR12 to work as a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth amplifier 

5. Can add PB580  to work as a Bluetooth 5.0 amplifier

6. Can add it to AMP150 or AMP200, works as 6*100w or 8*100w Amplifiers.

 7. Size: 8.75'' x 5.5'' x 2.1'' 

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