AES0025- 360 Degree Omni Speakers with 12" Casing and 8" Subwoofer, 250W(Audio Experience)

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Originally designed to create a full coverage complete three
speaker audio zone using our well-known full-range outdoor
Omni-speakers model AES0003 as satellites. Very useful and
convenient for exterior landscape sound planning. This subwoofer
can provide deep rich bass used alone or optionally using any
standard speakers (L&R) as full-range satellites. The AE AES0025
is a passive subwoofer requiring no power source either mains
110/120v plug in or recharging etc. this subwoofer will play and
enhance any low frequency noise your music source can produce
from 40 to 200Hz. A true 250W high quality subwoofer performance.
The subwoofer speaker operation is regulated by audio experiences
proprietary "audio Frequency" technology. This
technology modulates all frequency noise produced by the
subwoofer to be balanced and self-reinforcing for clear balanced
bass sound at all levels. All this encased in an impact
resistant, UV resistant, weather resistant camouflaged cabinetry.
These speakers may be buried up to 2/3" of the speaker grill for
further improved sound reinforcement and bass or surface mounted
should the installation conditions require it. Installed in or
around foliage the AE AES0025 Omni-subwoofer becomes practically
unseen providing you with a beautiful rich outdoor sound studio.
AE speakers are tested at 1000+ hours for high moisture, high
heat and UV resistance. All to provide you, our customer, with
the best, most reliable and long lasting superior performance for
many years of enjoyment to come.