SPC416B-500 16AWG 4 Conductors Outdoor Speaker 500 Feet Wire Rated for Outdoor Direct Burial and in-Wall Installation Speaker Cable Oxygen Free Copper UL CL3

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  • Oxygen Free Copper Speaker Wire stranded conductors, provide premium sound quality and performance for both home theater and car audio applications.
  • Get the highest safety standard using UL CL3 rated speaker wire for In-wall installations. Pair you’re speakers and Amplifier or A/V receiver with your choice of banana plugs, spade tips, or pin connectors.
  • Here are the facts about OFC Oxygen Free Copper vs CCA Copper-Clad Aluminum. OFC wire will provide increased conductivity to supply more current to your amplifier. It will also help reduce the strain on the vehicle’s
  • electrical system. OFC oxygen free copper is highly recommended for automotive speaker wire installations. In addition to the improved sound and conductivity, OFC is resistant to corrosion and provides higher heat absorptions over its CCA counterpart.
  • Made from OFC Oxygen Free Copper! Offers high fidelity sound and durability without the additional cost from other high conductivity options. Endures several stages of testing to ensure the highest performance and reliability. We strive for the highest quality product and customer satisfaction. If you are not happy with the product in any way, return the item to receive our top-rated lifetime warranty service.