WifiStream Setup

Step-by-Step WifiStream Set Up Guide:

Before placing and installing the speaker/amplifier in the final permanent location, we recommend first setting up the wifi connection near your wifi router with the WifiStream device. Once the device is connected with your wifi network, you can install it at the desired location and the speaker/amplifier will automatically reconnect if it is within your wifi network range.

In addition, please note that WifiStream currently only works with 2.4G network. If you have a dual-band router, please ensure that the 2.4G and 5G band SSIDs are separate and independently named. Many newer routers may have smart network feature where the 2.4G and 5G bands are combined for ease of operation. This feature must be disabled to work with WifiStream.

In the following instruction, "device" typically refers to the WifiStream device (speakers, amplifiers, etc.) and "phone" refers to the smartphone or tablet you are using the WifiStream app.

Please also visit our support portal to see the knowledge base section of WifiStream Products and/or log a ticket to seek assistance from our tech support team.

Step-by-Step Video


Step-by-Step Instruction

  1. Connect AC adapter. Depending on the model, a musical phrase will play in approximately 30 seconds. This startup tone signifies that the wifi system is booted up and ready to connect.
  1. Open up the WifiStream (available on Apple App Store or Google Play) on your phone. For first time user (or when no WifiStream device is found), the "Wi-Fi Setup Wizard" will appear automatically. Press the green button to start wizard. If you are adding an additional WifiStream device, you may do so by going to the Device List page (top right button on main page) and click on the + button. 
  1. The first step of wizard will remind you that all WifiStream devices are currently only compatible with a 2.4G wifi band. If you are using a multi-band router, please make sure the device you are connected to a 2.4G SSID not a 5G SSID. Click "Next" to continue.
  1. In the Wi-Fi field, your current SSID should appear automatically. Please enter the password below and click "Next". Note that the SSID cannot be edited in this step of wizard. An alternative method is provided later on if you need to join a different SSID (see step 9).
  1. Press the wifi connect button on the WifiStream device for 1 second. Depending on your model, the connect may not look like the sample WPS buttons as listed on the app screen. Please check your instruction manual to see what the wifi connect button looks like. Upon release, you should hear the voice prompt "Connecting to your network" or something similar. Click on "Next" immediately upon hearing the prompt.
  1. During this step, you should hear "waiting for wifi connection" or a chime within 60 seconds. This prompt signifies that the wifi connection has been found and is preparing to connect. Within the next 10 seconds, you should hear a the prompt "connected" and the WifiStream app will automatically jump to the completion page. In most cases, this entire step will be completed within 30 seconds. If you are running into trouble, please double check the SSID and password and/or move device closer to the router. Check out the FAQs on the support portal if you are having trouble connecting to whole home routers.
  1. Upon successfully connecting to wifi network and clicking "next", the app will then ask you to rename your WifiStream device. You can either choose from a list of preset locations or you can click on "Custom..." at the top to customize this device's name. You may change the name later in the device setting menu.
  1. If your device already has the latest firmware, the next page will allow you to link your device to your Amazon account to enable additional smart features. Simply hit "Cancel" to finish the wizard if you do not wish to connect your device to Alexa. Please note that this is only time to connect your device to an Alexa account. If you want to connect to an Alexa at a later time, you must restore the device to factory setting and rerun the setup wizard.
  1. If the wifi wizard fails to connect the WifiStream device to your network, you will see a time-out error screen, press "Next" to start the alternate set up method.


Alternate Wifi Set Up Method

  1. On the first page of the alternate setup method, you will be asked to exit the app and go to your phone/tablet's wifi setting. Select and connect to the WifiStream's adhoc wifi network. The SSID name will be either the product name or "LinkPlayXXX_XXXX" where the X's are replaced with a combination of random numbers and letters.
  1. Once your phone/tablet is connected to the adhoc network, return to the WifiStream app and the next page will automatically appear.
  1. You will then be asked to select a SSID from a list of compatible 2.4G wifi network. If your SSID is not on the list, it is 1) out of range, 2) not 2.4G, or 3) not broadcasting publicly. If you want to connect your device to a private non-boardcast network, you can change your SSID temporarily to public boardcast during the set up and then turning off public boardcast after the completion. Upon entering the password to the selected SSID, press the "Continue" button.
  1. The device should connect automatically to the network (without the need to press the wifi connect button). Once it is connected, you may return the smartphone and tablet to the normal wifi network and begin using the WifiStream device.
  1. If the wifi connection fails, please restart wizard again.





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* Streaming integration via WifiStream app or AirPlay. AirPlay capability may be available via third-party services on Android devices. Results not guaranteed. Some music streaming service may charge extra/subscription fee for streaming to external device.