TIC Wifistream Multiroom Music Streaming Platform

Freedom to play your music the way you want.
One room, two rooms, all rooms.
Indoor & outdoor.
Different songs or all in sync.
Just connect & play.


Advantage of Wifi over Bluetooth Music Streaming

Multi-Room Streaming

Most Bluetooth speakers offer one-to-one (at times one-to-two) connection. With WifiStream, you can control and stream to multiple speakers simultaneously: different songs or all in sync at the same time.

Family Control

There is no need to disconnect and reconnect for everyone to control the music. Anyone within your network can control the volume and what songs to play. Perfect for the fun, democratic family who shares music together!

Direct Streaming

You can stream music directly from your favorite app. The music keeps playing uninterrupted, even when a phone call comes in or your device's battery power runs out. No more annoying bleep when you get a notification.



Multi-room grouping & control
Easy in-app installation
Apple AirPlay compatible
Work with most major audio apps
(Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Tidal, etc.)*


Available Now

WPS5 - 5" Wi-Fi Patio Speakers

WPS6 - 6.5" Wi-Fi Patio Speakers

AMP50 - 2 x 50W Outdoor Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Amplifier

AMP100 - 4 x 50W Outdoor Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Amplifier

WB8 - Portable Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Speaker




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* Streaming integration via WifiStream app or AirPlay. AirPlay capability may be available via third-party services on Android devices. Results not guaranteed. Some music streaming service may charge extra/subscription fee for streaming to external device.