TIC bluetooth 5.0 operation manual

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Remote Control

     1.POWER------ Power Button

  1. BT------------Bluetooth Button
  2. ------------Previous Track
  3. ------------Next Track
  4. ------------Play/Pause
  5. VOL- ---------Decrease Volume
  6. VOL+---------Increase Volume
  7. TX-------------Transmitter Mode
  8. RX-------------Receiver Mode
  9. RESET--------Reset Button

In the following instructional sections, when instructed to press a specific button, you can either aim the remote at the speaker and press the button or press the respective button on the device itself if it is available. Not everything button is available on the actual speaker. Please note the position of the IR receiving node on the speaker when aiming the remote. The performance of the remote may degrade if the remote is not aiming directly at the node or if strong sunlight is interfering with the signal. The typical range of the remote is 30 feet. You may need to move closer if the signal is not receiving properly.

A single remote can control any compatible TIC speaker/device. Aim remote carefully if multiple speakers are placed in close proximity. Volume control can be individually customized for each speaker via the remote. When the volume is adjusted on the connected Bluetooth device or music/video application, it will be applied to all speakers.

During broadcast mode, track control will only work when aiming at the main device. You can alternatively control the track directly on your Bluetooth device or music/video application.



(1) Bluetooth Device Pairing

  1. Upon initial powering up, you should hear an opening tone. The blue LED light will be flashing slowly, indicating it is in standby mode. If the blue LED is solid, a Bluetooth device is already connected.
  2. To pair a Bluetooth device (smartphone, tablet, computer, transmitter, etc.), LONG PRESS(Or Double Click) the Bluetooth (BT) button. You should hear the voice prompt “pairing”. The speaker is now in discovery mode.
  3. In the Bluetooth setting menu of your Bluetooth device, search for “TIC BT Speaker” and connect. When you hear the voice prompt “connected”, the pairing process is completed. The blue LED is now solid.
  4. To disconnect a connected Bluetooth device, LONG PRESS “RESET" The blue LED will be flashing again. You can then switch to another previously paired Bluetooth device by repeating step 3 on that device’s Bluetooth setting menu. To connect to a new Bluetooth device, repeat step 2 & 3.
  5. If you want a full reset and delete all previous Bluetooth pairings, LONG PRESS the Reset button.

Note: The speaker can remember multiple Bluetooth devices. Speaker will automatically reconnect to the most nearby paired device within range each time you turn it on. The connection range is up to 300 feet (outdoor with clear line of sight) for Bluetooth 5.0 devices.

2Multi-Speaker Broadcast Mode

With broadcast mode, you can connect up to 100 compatible TIC Bluetooth 5 speakers/devices together to create a no-hassle multi-speaker sound system. In broadcast mode, one speaker will serve as the main transmitting device and all other speakers will serve as secondary receiving devices. The broadcast range is up to 300 feet in outdoor setting with clear line of sight. To optimize broadcast range in your multi-speaker sound system, we suggest choosing the most centralized speaker as the main transmitter device. In addition, elevating any device a few feet off ground level can maximize the broadcast transmitting/receiving range.

To set up broadcast mode

  1. Select the appropriate speaker as the main speaker. While not required, we recommend pairing the Bluetooth device first before setting up the broadcast mode. Press the Transmitter Mode (TX) button. You should hear the voice prompt “Transmitter Mode”.
  2. On a secondary speaker, press the Receiver Mode (RX) button. You should hear the voice prompt “Receiver Mode”. If a speaker is already connected to a Bluetooth device (as indicated by a solid blue light), you will need to disconnect it first or the broadcast connection would not work in step 3.
  3. Within 30 seconds, LONG PRESS “TX” button on the main unit and LONG PRESS “RX” button on the secondary unit. You should hear the voice prompt

“searching”  from both units. You will hear the voice prompt “connected” once the connection is completed.

  1. If the connection is not made within 30 seconds, you may repeat step 1-3.
  2. To add any additional secondary speaker, repeat step 2 and 3. Up to 100 speakers/devices can be added together.

To exit broadcast mode

LONG PRESS the Reset  button  to exit broadcast mode. If pressed on the main unit, it will stop the main speaker from broadcasting to all secondary speakers. If pressed on a secondary speaker, this specific secondary speaker will stop receiving and be allowed to connect to and play from a separately paired Bluetooth device.

To restart/rejoin broadcast mode

For the main unit, press TX button to restart broadcast mode. You should hear the voice prompt “transmitter mode”. Broadcast mode will then resume shortly for all speakers (assuming secondary speakers are still in receiver mode).

For any secondary unit, first disconnect any connected Bluetooth device by LONG PRESS the Bluetooth (BT) button. Press the RX button to resume receiving from the previously connected main speaker. You should hear the voice prompt “receiver mode” and broadcast mode will resume shortly.

To switch main speaker

Exit broadcast mode for each speaker and redo the broadcast mode set up as instructed in the previous page. Please remember to disconnect the Bluetooth device from the original main speaker before switching it to receiver mode.




No sound is heard.


Check power connection. If there is no flashing or solid blue LED, the speaker is not turned on.


Make sure the correct Bluetooth device is connected. If needed, LONG PRESS RESET button to disconnect and then reconnect from the Bluetooth device.


Increase volume level using the remote.


Check volume level on Bluetooth device and make sure no mute function is activated.


If no sound is heard from all previously connected secondary speakers, reactivate Transmitter Mode by pressing TX button once on main unit.


If no sound is heard from specific previously connected secondary speaker, reactivate Receiver Mode by pressing RX button once on the impacted unit.

Sound/connection is intermittent.


Keep Bluetooth device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) at a stationary location. Signal can easily become unstable if the Bluetooth device is moving (ie. inside a pocket while walking).


Move Bluetooth device closer to main unit.


Disconnect and reconnect Bluetooth device.


Move away from (or remove) any nearby electronic device that may present signal interference (ie. router, microwave, TV, etc.)


You may improve signal connection by slightly elevating the speaker.


If intermittent sound only impacts specific secondary speaker, move that speaker closer to main unit.

Speaker not responding to remote.




Check remote battery.

Find IR node on speaker and aim remote directly.

Move remote closer to speaker before aiming.


Provide shielding if direct sunlight is hitting on the path of the infrared signal.

Cannot setting up broadcast mode


Make sure no Bluetooth device is connected except to the main unit. You can disconnect any connected device by double-clicking the BT button on any secondary speaker.


First activate the respective broadcast mode by pressing the TX/RX button only once before LONG PRESS the TX/RX button to initiate broadcast connection.


Move secondary speaker closer to main unit during set up.


Make sure to initiate the connection setup within the 30-seconds window. Ask a second person to help press the TX/RX buttons simultaneously.

Remote is lost


Use another remote if you have purchased multiple TIC Bluetooth 5 speakers/devices.


Replacement remotes can be purchased on our website.

If you have any further question/issue, please visit our support help desk at www.ticcorp.com/support.  Or you call us @ 626 9680211,You can easily log a ticket online. Our helpful associate will typically respond within one business day, if not on the same day.

To reset broadcast mode

If you want to switch the main speaker in a multi-speaker system, you will need to reset broadcast mode by LONG PRESS the Reset button on the main unit. This will reset all Bluetooth and broadcast connections. A double-beep will be heard upon a successful reset. You will need to redo both the Bluetooth pairing and broadcast set up as instructed above.