Wireless Audio Solution Comparison (Wifi vs Bluetooth 5)

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As the popularity of music streaming service (ie. Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.) grows, the demand for wireless audio streaming solution increases, both for portable and in-home audio system. Bluetooth has long been the most popular streaming technology due to its simplicity and ubiquity. However, with the improvement of various technological advances in networking and smart home technology standards, there are now multiple attractive options you should consider when you are planning to implement a wireless audio solutions.

Below is a chart comparing Bluetooth vs Wifi music streaming. Please note that as technology is consistently, compatibility and ranges should continue to improve over times. Read below for a more in-depth comparison and our suggestion to how to build the wireless audio solution that best suits your need and budget

Technology  Bluetooth 4.2 or older Bluetooth 5 Wifi 
Cost Cheap to Moderate Moderate to Expensive Moderate to Expensive
Difficulty of Installation Most Simple Simple Moderate to Complex (depending on your knowledge of networking)
Number of Devices Play Simultaneously One (occasionally two) Over 100* 




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