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TIC Corporation and your Privacy in the state of California

If you are a customer with a mailing address in the State of California and you make a purchase using the TIC website, we automatically consider you to have chosen not to have your nonpublic personal financial information shared for marketing purposes. You do not need to contact us to indicate this preference. For more information, please read our TIC privacy statement and the accompanying literature below.

california s.b. 27, "shine the light" law

In 2003, California passed a landmark privacy bill, the "Shine the Light" law, which empowers individuals to learn about how businesses sell their personal information. Under the law, companies that do business with California residents have to either allow customers to opt out of information sharing, or make a detailed disclosure of how personal information was shared for direct marketing purposes. The law applies to many businesses, but companies with fewer than twenty employees and federal financial institutions are exempt from the law's requirements.

S.B. 27 is important because it is one of the first legislative attempts to address "list brokerage," the compilation and sale of individuals' personal information. List brokerage is used to fuel privacy invasive marketing campaigns, including spamming, telemarketing, and junk mail. List brokers collect personal information from many sources, including business transactions, warranty cards, and sweepstakes entries. In many cases, businesses do not inform individuals of their information sales activities, and major companies, both online and off, sell their customer lists to list brokers. S.B. 27 will help individuals learn more about how their information is sold to others and give then an opportunity to limit the sale

Regarding the state of California's Privacy and Information sharing disclosure law; SB 27

See the Electronic Privacy of Information Center and Reference the specific CA law for further, specific information

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