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Privacy policy overview

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This TIC Corporation Privacy Policy covers TIC Corporations treatment of personal information that is recorded when you submit your information at time of product purchase.

TIC Corporation Privacy Policy does not apply to third parties, other companies, agents or resellers of TIC Corporation products and/ or people or personnel that TIC Corporation does not directly employ and manage.

Information collection and use

Personal information collected by TIC Corporation comes in two types; that general information collected for logistics, shipping and accounting purposes to supply a customers products whether by a TIC Corporation reseller or by TIC Corporation directly. This information is stored in a database as we are legally bound to report it if necessary.

The second type of personal information that TIC Corporation may obtain is the personal financial records of our many resellers world wide or personal credit card information from individual customers directly. Resellers and Distributors of TIC Corporation products undergo a yearly financial analysis with or without their permission. Individual consumers offer their credit card or bank information to complete their purchase. This information is then expeditiously and securely transferred to the issuing authority to complete each specific transaction.

Information sharing and disclosure

TIC Corporation is bound by ethical business practice and UCC guidelines to not disclose any information of any kind to anyone but legally appointed authorities upon demand. This mainly amounts to those tax or financial authority requests that are concerned with monetary transfers and not the personal details of any particular purchaser.

Yearly financial information obtained to re-authorize TIC Corporation product resellers is examined internally only. This information obtained is then destroyed and only our internal summary report is filed.

In the case of individual consumers personal credit card information, bank details, wire transfers etc. All this information is destroyed immediately after first use unless otherwise specified in writing by the individual concerned. TIC Corporation operates no automatic, electronic or written procedure to keep such information and discourages any attempt to do so.

A special note on Privacy in the State of California

Read a special note on information sharing and privacy in the State of California here


All non financial personal information is stored in a protected database directory available only to senior staff members of TIC Corporation, U.S.A.

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