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tic corporation artwork and media use policy

Artwork use overview

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This TIC Corporation Artwork Use Policy covers TIC Corporations many agents, representatives, distributors, dealers and resellers treatment of TIC Corporation  product pictures, instruction illustrations, graphics, technical bulletins, articles and instructions including installation guidelines and all written or picture media with reference to TIC Corporation or its products. This information whether produced by TIC Corporation or not is strictly the property of TIC Corporation, its use being granted solely for the purpose of promoting TIC Corporation and or its products and services.

TIC Corporation Artwork and Media Use Policy does not grant use to third parties or other companies, agents or resellers of TIC Corporation products and/ or people or personnel that TIC Corporation does not directly employ and manage or have a distributor/ dealer agreement in force. Note; our recognized distributors and dealers must note that they are responsible for any sub resellers that they agree to supply and must ensure that such resellers are bound by these limited permissions.

Artwork collection and use

TIC Corporation offers disk, CD, website, ftp, various digital media and printed materials as a source and subject for TIC Corporation artwork and reference materials. The permission to use these materials is temporary, bound by a current TIC distributor/ dealer agreement being in force at that time.

The TIC Corporation distributors or dealers and their appointed agents may use any of these materials available for the strict use and promotion of TIC Corporation or its product and services only.

Artwork sharing and disclosure

TIC Corporation accepts that legitimate agents of TIC Corporation may need to share or reference TIC Corporation artwork materials outside their strict control but assumes and requires the TIC agent will advise the recipient of the conditions of use of such TIC materials.

TIC artwork security

All TIC Corporation artwork as described in this document is the sole property of TIC Corporation. Any use of such material is prohibited beyond the specific permissions contained herein and/ or expressly obtained in writing from TIC Corporation, U.S.A.

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