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outdoor rock speaker tic tfs11 features

  • TIC Outdoor Rock Speakers
    = Weatherproof Design
  • Silicone sealed Cabinetry
  • Full range 200W speaker
  • 8" Co-Axial Woofer Driver
  • 2" Soft Dome Tweeter
  • Domestic to Commercial Installs
  • 8Ω standard, Optional SP70vTA external switchable 70v system
  • Aerospace grade multi-layer composite cabinetry
  • Frontal Drainage system
  • 1m 14/2 Dbl. insulated Cable
  • Surface mount waterproof cable connector
  • Natural Rock finish, Canyon (CN), Slate (SL) or White Granite (WG)
  • A multi use Hi-performance rock speaker to enhance any exterior landscape setting

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TFS11 Outdoor Rock Speaker

Performance Exterior Rock Speakers

Outdoor Rock Speakers TIC TFS11 Stone Speaker
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  • TIC TFS11 Outdoor Rock Speaker

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General Specifications TIC TFS11
Performance Outdoor Rock Speakers

Woofer 8" injection molded PP cone
Butyl rubber surround
Tweeter 2" Soft Dome
Cabinetry Multi-layer Composite
Grill Multi-layer Composite
Frequency Response 35Hz 19kHz
Sensitivity @1w/1M 89db ±3db
Continuous/ Peak 100 / 200W
Optional 70v System 2.5, 5, 10, 15 & 20W taps
Unit Dimensions 11.1x18.5x16.5in
Unit Weight 16 Lbs
Pack Dimensions 13.1x21x20.4in
Pack Weight 24 Lbs
Canyon (CN)
Slate (SL)
White Granite (WG)

7 35120 20011 4
7 35120 20111 1
7 35120 20211 8

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TIC Corporation engages in continual product research and development, new materials, production methods and design improvements. TIC therefore, reserves all rights to change or improve product specifications without notice. Outdoor Sound Solution See More

What do actual owners of this TIC exterior audio product say?

Subject: TIC TF11 Outdoor Rock Speakers and TFS50 Outdoor Rock Subwoofer
Overall Rating: outdoor Stone speakers 5 out of 5

This company provides A+ service, the subwoofer was damaged by FedEx delivery on Friday and my parent's anniversary party was on Saturday. I called customer service and they over-nighted a big heavy TIC TFS50 rock speaker to me on Saturday. I know it cost them a lot of money to do that, but it makes me a very happy customer.

Plus the new satellite design subwoofer is easy to setup, no extra wiring or receiver, I did the installation in about 1 hour. The bass and overall sound is wonderful.  Thank you and keep the good work.

Jim, Biloxi MS.

Subject: TIC Terra-Forms TFS 11 Outdoor Rock Speakers
Overall Rating: outdoor rock speakers 5 out of 5

Thanks for all your help and advice to replace my old speakers with the TSF 11s. Installed them on Friday and they are a nice upgrade. I was inspired to landscape the back yard and they looked so nice.

Have a great one!

Shaun, Carlsbad CA. '07

Subject: TIC TF11 outdoor rock speakers
Overall Rating: outdoor rock landscape speakers 5 out of 5

Wow, I'm glad that I bought these top of line rock speakers from you. I have ____ ___ white patio speaker in my patio. I put these rock speakers around the pool area. They sound better than my ____ speakers. The woofer has a very good bass response and the tweeters sound crisp and clear. When I listen to my favorite jazz music, these rock speakers sound more natural than the Bose speakers. It's like putting a jazz band in your backyard. Make sure you have a descent size amplifier, as these speakers will take advantage of some big watts.

Matthew, New Bern, NC.
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