GS-8-LD - Replacement Lid (GS3/GS4/GS50)

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Replacement Lid Assembly for GS3, GS4, and GS50.

Diameter: ~13 inches 

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1 Review

Gene Roth Feb 25th 2017

replacement GS8 lids

I purchased 4 replacement lids. The attention to detail in the construction of these lids was sorely lacking. The design is very simple two pieces of plastic sandwiched around a Styrofoam core. When the two halves were bonded together the sealant was very haphazardly applied leaving unsealed gap for moisture to get in. I suppose that is why my original lids cracked under freezing temperatures. Unfortunately TIC seems to be the only supplier of replacement lids. A better product would have sonically welded the upper and lower molded halves together for a water tight seal.

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