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Outdoor Patio Speakers, TIC ASP25 Patio Speaker
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Economy Series

Outdoor Patio Speakers, TIC ASP60 Patio Speaker
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Multi-use Series

TIC Outdoor Patio Speakers are unique in their multi-mount performance capability; mount them under house eaves, attach to posts by rear or bottom inserts, use their 180 deg. swivel brackets or just stand them on their preformed feet for bookshelves and audio equipment furniture. TIC indoor outdoor patio speakers are some of the most versatile speakers available.

Whether as an outdoor patio speaker, deck speaker, veranda speaker, boat speaker, marine speaker application or an indoor bookshelf speaker as a Hi-Fidelity speaker extension. TIC indoor outdoor patio speakers will provide excellent sound quality and durability.

Outdoor Patio Speakers, TIC ASP120 Patio Speaker
Patio Speakers
Pro Performance

Patio Speakers from TIC

Outdoor Sound promotes plant growth?

TIC Corporation has produced some of the finest, longest lasting and best known outdoor speakers for decades. Our "ASP" series of Outdoor Patio Speakers are also renowned, having been installed in thousands of private and commercial installations world wide.

TIC Outdoor Speakers the Original and still the Best!
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The ASP60 & ASP120 models have a convenient rear, "on the fly" 25v 70v switching system for commercial audio installations

TIC Outdoor Patio Speakers ASP60 & 120 have 25v 70v & 100v system capability
70v switch closeup
ASP60 & ASP120 models only

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