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outdoor subwoofer speakers driver
tic sp8s250 outdoor sub woofer speaker

Outdoor Subwoofer Speaker

TIC SP8s250 Outdoor Sub Woofer

Outdoor Subwoofer Speakers TIC SP8S250 Sub Woofer Driver
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  • TIC SP8s250 Outdoor Subwoofer Speaker system

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  • TIC Outdoor Speaker drivers
    = Weatherproof Design
  • 250W sub woofer speaker driver
  • Passive sub woofer speaker system
  • Y33 magnet system
  • 8" Sub Woofer Driver
  • 2x Satellite Speaker capability in models used,
    GS50 & TFS50 passive subwoofers
  • 8Ω standard impedance /optional 70v system available use TIC SP70vTA
  • Residential to Commercial Installs
  • The latest in a long line of superior exterior speaker drivers from TIC that have been tested and proven as an outdoor speaker system
The TIC Outdoor Speaker driver model SP82200 is commonly used in TIC Outdoor Sub-woofer Speakers; GS50 Omni Sub Woofer, & TFS50 Omni Rock Sub Woofer models  

tic sp8s250 outdoor sub woofer

Independent Testing Lab
Independent Testing Labs prove TIC Outdoor Speakers
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Technical Drawing

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TIC Corporation engages in continual product research and development, new materials, production methods and design improvements. TIC therefore, reserves all rights to change or improve product specifications without notice. Outdoor Sound Solution See More
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