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outdoor omni sub woofer speaker tic gs50 features

  • TIC Outdoor Omni Speakers
    = Weatherproof Design
  • 250W Sub Woofer driver
  • Passive True Sound Sub Woofer
  • True 360º Omni Directional Sub
  • Residential to Commercial Installs
  • 8" Sub Woofer Driver
  • 2x Satellite Speaker capability
  • 8Ω standard / 2x 4Ω w/ 2x satellites
  • 8Ω standard, optional SP70vTA external switchable 70v system
  • In-ground or surface mount exterior outdoor 360° omni-directional speaker system
  • ABS impact resistant cabinetry
  • Unobtrusive shrub green finish
  • Improve any exterior landscape setting
    with a bass enhancing TIC Sub Woofer experience

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Download TIC GS50 Spec SheetDownload: or review the TIC GS50 "Pro" Omni Speaker Sub Woofer Specifications Sheet


GS50 Subwoofer OmniSpeaker

Exterior Sub Woofer Omni Speakers

Outdoor subwoofer Omni Subwoofer Speakers TIC GS50 Sub Woofer
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  • TIC GS50 Omnispeaker Subwoofer

Outdoor Sound Solution MSRP $169.95 Outdoor Sound Solution Add to Cart Outdoor Sound Solution

General Specifications TIC GS50
Pro Outdoor Omni Sub Woofer

Sound Dispersion 360° full range subwoofer sound
Satellites & Sub inputs 1x 4core 2 channel (L&R) inputs
Satellite Speaker feeds 2x Left & Right channel speakers outputs
Woofer 8" injection molded PP cone
Butyl rubber surround
Cabinetry Formulated ABS
Grill Stamped, Powder Coated
Frequency Response 25Hz – 200Hz
(low-pass crossover at 200Hz)
Sensitivity @1W/1m 86db ±3db
Continuous/ Peak 125 / 250W
Unit Dimensions 13x13x13in
Unit Weight 10 Lbs
Pack Dimensions 13x13x14in
Pack Weight 12 Lbs
UPC 735120100506

Outdoor Sound Solution (Full driver system specifications)

TIC Corporation engages in continual product research and development, new materials, production methods and design improvements. TIC therefore, reserves all rights to change or improve product specifications without notice. Outdoor Sound Solution See More

What do actual owners of this TIC exterior audio system say?

Subject: TIC Outdoor Sub Woofer GS50
Overall Rating: outdoor landscape subwoofer speakers 5 out of 5

Thanks guys for making this subwoofer, omni directional too. As a contractor my customers are professional people who don't want the boom boom out of some car on a friday night in their music. They want to gently boost the natural bass sound in their music and this unit does it nicely.

Thanks again and see ya soon.

Tom, Dana Point, CA. 07'

Subject: TIC Omni Speakers
Overall Rating: outdoor landscape subwoofer speakers 5 out of 5

I first saw these speakers all over Disneyland, I also saw them later on vacation at Cabo. When I wanted outside speakers I had to find em. Of all the exterior speakers I have seen or tried these are the best for the money or even close!

Dale -- Connecticut

Subject: TIC Outdoor Speakers
Overall Rating: outdoor landscape subwoofer speakers 5 out of 5

Thanks so much! Up here in the mountains the views are wonderful and with music even better!

Janice, Ramona, CA. May 10 2005
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