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Outdoor Stereo DVC Pro Omni Speakers TIC GS4 Omnispeaker
"Stereo" DVC
Pro Omni Speaker

TIC Outdoor Omni Speakers are unique and now, what many call the best outdoor speakers available, now offered in an omni-directional Subwoofer version!

Available in either the GS50 shown here or the TFS50 rock speaker version!

Not the "boom" of artificially powered subs but "True Sound", enhancing the natural bass notes of your music with a passive more natural sub woofer. Outdoor Sub Woofers, TIC GS50 & TFS50 passive subwoofers See more

Omni Speakers from TIC

Why TIC Omnispeakers?

   Save your Money!
TIC omni-directional Omni Speakers save you time & money over traditional mono-directional outdoor speakers

TIC Corporation has produced some of the finest, longest lasting and best known outdoor speakers for decades. Our "GS" series of Outdoor Omni Speakers are Award Winning!

TIC Outdoor Speakers the Original and still the Best!
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You too may enjoy the same renowned outdoor speakers that have been installed world wide from the Sultan of Brunei's palaces to the greatest center of human art; the Louvre in France. From Disney to the most famous public civic centers to thousands of commercial and private estates world wide.

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TIC Outdoor Omni Speakers at LA Arboretum
TIC Outdoor Omni Speakers used in planters to give you real Hi-Fidelity music from an authentic garden planter

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